Company's philosophy

There are three premises that guide our daily work:

Quality: for us the quality of our products is essential. So we surround ourselves with the best brands for the sports we love.

Advice: our technical training, the concern to know all the latest years experience working with the public become the best advice for the end user. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have

Customer satisfaction: the most important. Our product, shipping management, handling of guarantees and possible return of product will satisfy you.

In XTOT, we are passionate about outdoor sports. We do what we like!

XTOT Masella

C/. Bosch i Aymerich, 18

17538 Masella (Alp) Girona

+42º 21´ 2.71´´, +1º 54´ 3.38´´


XTOT Llívia

Plaça Major, 5

17527 Llívia, Girona


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