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x-tot.com website is for sale on-line store xtot.

We have two physical stores, specializing in winter sports and outdoor activities in general. We rent skis, sale of hard material, textile and accessories. In our repair shop we have complete care of your equipment with the best machinery and the best hands.

We also have specialized in ski racing and we have all kinds of material for this sport.

In XTOT we love the sport, the mountain and everything around him. We put all the experience and knowledge accumulated over the years at your disposal!

XTOT Masella

C/. Bosch i Aymerich, 18

17538 Masella (Alp) Girona

+42º 21´ 2.71´´, +1º 54´ 3.38´´

Email: info@x-tot.com

XTOT Llívia

Plaça Major, 5

17527 Llívia, Girona


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